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Collaborative Kilometres

Collaborative Kilometers is a fun way to share your hiking experiences, no matter where in the world you are!  As a club, we are aiming to hike a total of XXX kilometres, which is the same distance as XXX!  We would love all of our members to partake to help us reach our goal by the end of First Term!


So how do you take part?  When you're out on a hike, all you have to do is record your route and how many kilometres it was.  Then, just screenshot and upload the route to the Google Forms link you'll get in your weekly newsletters!  A couple (free!) apps we recommend downloading on to your phone to use to track your hikes are 'Strava' and 'Map My Fitness'.  If you have your own app, you're of course welcome to use it, as long as we know how many km's you've walked!

XXX out of XXX kilometres 
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