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The Committee


Eric Yu

Meet our other Social Secretary, Eric. He and Caroline take lead on all of our social events.

Social Secretary

Bella Zhu

Our treasurer Bella, keeps the gears of the society turning. If you ever need a reimbursement, she is your go to!


Surendra Rana

Next up is our Safety & Equipment officer, Surendra! A geology student, Suredra ensures that our walks go smoothly and safely. He also decides our schedule of upcoming hikes.

Safety & Equipment Officer

Caroline Coyer

Meet one of our Social Secretaries, Caroline. She and Eric take lead on all of our social events.

Social Secretary

Ryoma Okabe

Presenting our Communications Officer Ryoma. He runs the social media accounts.

Communication Officer

Ashley Seah

Ashley is our Secretary, she's in charge of keeping us all organised, taking notes, and sending out the newsletter.


Anna Schyberg

Anna, is a 4th year Management Science student and is our VP! She plays a big role in planning our overnight trips and is an experienced hiker.

Vice President

Katherine Horton

Presenting our Outreach and Welfare Officer, Katherine! A 2nd year maths PhD student, Katherine is a listening ear for anything related to welfare, and is working on some exciting collaborations!

Welfare & Outreach Offcer

Jonas Lennie

Introducing our President, Jonas, a 3rd year BSc Computer Scientist. He oversees and leads all the goings in the Club, and is always happy to answer your questions!

Favourite Hike: Folkestone - A smaller hike by the sea, with a really nice pub at the end, the perfect summer getaway.


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