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Richmond Park Summer Highlights

Richmond Bridge

What are the best destinations for hikes in London? If you ask me, Richmond park is definitely my favourite one. As the largest of London's Royal Parks, there are lots of things to explore. I show you which highlights we found on our hike through Richmond Park.

We met at Richmond Station and started with a short tour around the town taking in the Green, riverfront and gardens before heading up Richmond Hill. The largest Royal Park is also known to be the most wild Royal Park, providing home to 350 deer. On a sunny Sunday afternoon its wilderness may hide from the masses of Londoners though, as it did when we were lumbering through the woods with a few hundred others.

Still we were compensated with the parks other highlights. The Pen Ponds, which in the past were used to rear carp for food, are two beautiful lakes in the middle of the park. We stopped here to have a picnic (no carp) and enjoy the rare British sun. Reluctantly, we left this picturesque spot for the only view in Britain protected by an Act of Parliament. The point is called King Henry's Mount and you can see St Paul's Cathedral through the trees. We continued hiking taking in ancient woodland before stopping to explore the unique Isabella Plantation woodland garden. It is full of exotic plants, designed to be interesting all year round. It also hosts public toilets that were gratefully attended by all hikers.

We dropped out of the Park on the other side crossing the A3, to continue the walk across the wooded Wimbledon Common until we reached the windmill and the pretty Wimbledon Village.

Find out about the exact route on Komoot or join us on our next hike!

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